Saturday, June 29, 2013

Email from the MTC

Well this is my big update email to everyone!
I'm loving it here in the MTC so far! The first couple days were REALLY long and hard but its been better. The camera I brought cant upload pictures so I'll send some next week when I can. It's pretty crazy how quickly they throw everyone into the Spanish and learning. My district has 8 elders and they are all from Utah except one from Idaho and another from Washington. I'm really starting to like them haha, they are all pretty funny and nice enough so that's cool. My companion is Elder Rollins, haha he is in the exact same mission as me and turns out he went to Bingham and we had AP Stats together senior year hahaha. To be honest he is kinda odd haha, he was a debator in high school and shy so I literally never saw him ever hahaha. But he is a really nice kid and we get along good enough. The Spanish is coming super easy for me because of Portuguese but it can be difficult sometimes cause i always mix up words haha, but I understand everything. We spend hours and hours every day in our classroom and its split up between personal study, companion study and then language study. Probably about 8 hours a day in that dreaded room. I really haven't thought of home too much but i do miss it sometimes! There really is no time to think here, we are constantly doing stuff. Its pretty crazy, our second full day here we had to teach an investigator named Juan and he spoke no English so it was crazy. Its hard to teach someone who can barely understand you but we did a good job. My zone leaders are Elder Bagshaw and Elder Proctor, they are both from Utah and they are both hilarious haha, they are always messing around and doin stuff and whenever we ask if we are allowed to do something they say "ya, if you don't get caught" hahaha but they are good missionaries, they make it a little less crazy.. ahhhh I only have 4 minutes left, just wanna let you all know i love you all and I'm having fun here!
and you can send Dear Elders through and I get them as letters so that's a lot better than only getting emails once a week.

 Elder Marcus Gregory Brown
2011 N 900 E Unit 207
Provo UT 84602
Love you all
Elder Brown

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